We've been doing a lot of research on insurance lead generation and management, a topic of interest to several of our clients, and the statistics are amazing. An incredible 95% of life and annuity leads generate no income whatsoever. 95%! Fully 70% are never even seen.Why? Short-term metrics.

Agents are time optimization machines. Get the leads, contact who you can, qualify them, get the appointment, get the app, get paid, get more leads .... and so on. But what about the 95% of customers who don't make it through the funnel? What happens to them?It turns out that 80% or more of them end up buying the product or a related product - but from someone else. Which makes sense, after all, a lead isn't a request to purchase, it is an expression of a need. That need doesn't go away when a producer loses interest. It continues until the customer reaches the point where they are ready to buy. At which point they re-enter the funnel and slide right through to the bottom line.

There is an emerging concept in lead management called lead nurturing. Nurturing is a process of education and contact reinforcement that helps a prospect move from interest to commitment in their decision process. In the past, consumers followed this path alone but increasingly lead purchasers recognize the value of assisting with this migration.Next time: Bringing Lead Migration home.

Philip Walker
Founder, President